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I acknowledge and applaud that CRIMEPROOF is an international, multicultural and inclusive organization with Christian, Muslim, Indigenous, Jewish, Bahai, Buddhist, Jehovah Witness families etc. We express our faith differently, but we all know Jesus lived so when I speak about Jesus, I include all faiths and all spiritual beliefs. 

The title of my speech today is John 8: The Women condemned by Others but Loved by God. In this Bible passage an angry mob bring a woman they have labeled an “adulteress” and ask Jesus to condemn her according to the “law” so they can stone her. Jesus is deeply troubled and quiet and reflects for many moments before answering them. Finally, he stands up and says, “let he/she who has no sin cast the first stone”. One by one they leave and he tells the woman “neither will I judge you, go and sin no more”. 

Each and every one of us have sin and have committed sin and have secrets. We are in no position to judge or condemn anyone. Our only option is to help and serve one another – lift each other up.

National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health NCYMH Equity & Unity

Let’s imagine and work together towards a world where every human being is given an equal opportunity to Be Physically and Mentally Healthy, given equal opportunities to Learn, Thrive, and Succeed in Education, Work, and LifeThe I Can’t Breathe Equity and Unity bi-weekly systemic discrimination workshops are available interactively via private livestreaming workshops provided through VIMEO, which every child and student across Canada can access through a full trust Cyber Risk Assessed and Approved Child Safe registration.

All students from every race, culture and economic background need to learn about Diversity and Inclusion so that unity and anti-racism is possible and there is an equal playing field for student, career and life success. 

Safe Spaces for Youth in Crisis

NCYMH is launching 2021 NCYMH Safe Spaces because currently youth who go to hospitals spend up to six hours waiting in emergency rooms and when they are seen, it is by non mental health specialists who release them prematurely; resulting in many youth committing suicide. NCYMH’s 2021 Safe Spaces for Youth in mental health crisis insures youth are seen by mental health specialists, their mental health crisis is resolved, and they have immediate daily counselling when needed and a follow up program.
R. Maxine Adwella, said “We have to raise awareness about the need for mental health support within emergency rooms and also about Safe Spaces such as NCYMHs whose priority is saving lives.

Say NO to Bullying and YES to LIFE!

Discrimination of any form is bullying because it isolates, oppresses and dehumanizes a person or a group of people. Racism is Bullying, In this age of cyber bullying, youth are circulating pictures, newspaper articles, lies, gossip and hurting and isolating each other without considering the long term impact and consequences of their actions. 
Even the act of gossiping and speaking negatively about someone behind their back – if the intent is to isolate the person, rob the person of an opportunity, have that person belittled, ridiculed or viewed negatively – it is bullying. It is robbing that person of their lifeline, their support system, their opportunity to shine, to use their talents, to live their full life, to continue associating with others.”

The Vexatious Litigant Film 

In addition to launching Say NO to Bullying, the National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health has purchased the rights to the screenplay for “The Vexatious Litigant” which is a satirical comedy – a play and movie about the life of a vexatious litigant, who is really just a self represented person, who cannot afford a lawyer BUT the courts want to deny that person their basic human rights, deny that person access to the courts because they are poor.”… The label “Vexatious Litigant” is really a title for the exclusion of BIPOC, LGBTQ2 and impoverished people from the court system. The label says ‘you cannot have access to justice, you cannot have access to the court system because you are BIPOC, LGBTQ2 or/and poor’.