Maxine Adwella

Educator, Inclusive Mental Health Advocate, Content Writer, Screenplay Writer, Marketing & Public Relations Expert

Free Virtual Public Relations Institute begins July 12, 2021

About Maxine

Experienced marketing, branding and public relations expert

Maxine is an experienced educator, inclusive mental health advocate, marketing, branding and public relations expert with over 10 years of experience who started her own company with a desire to make education diverse, relevant, accessible and life-changing and then sold it for a profit five years later. With a marketing degree, law degree, teaching degree and master’s degree, Maxine understands all the complex layers of your business, the multiple markets you want to reach and how to take your vision and your brand through many changes to the finish line. 

Free humanitarian expertise

Maxine is employed as a Director of Government Relations but is committed to providing free humanitarian expertise and services to not for profits, registered charities, youth start-ups and female-owned companies. Maxine is very loyal and has survived many crises and surprised her critics by achieving consistent monumental victories and longevity. Maxine will bring her crisis management skills to help you rise stronger from any and all setbacks your company may face. 

Faith and integrity

Maxine is a woman of faith and integrity who can be trusted and believes that what a person writes and represents is reflective of their heart and character. Maxine will never take the low road of spreading lies about anyone or/and the competition, she will never participate in character assassinations or public lynchings and she will never breach a contract or betray someone’s trust for a fleeting moment in the media.

With Maxine, you are getting a positive, uplifting BIPOC woman of integrity who will use her intelligence, innovative ideas and resilience to sprint with you, your project and organization to the finish line. Maxine’s motto is “with God (and hard work) all things are possible”. 

Contact Maxine for expertise in the following area:

  • Youth mental health workshops, programs and services
  • Curriculum development
  • Leadership
  • Starting a new company
  • Taking a company to the next level
  • Branding yourself
  • Implementing organizational, procedural changes
  • Branding and strategic changes 
  • Crisis management
  • Campaign launches including launching a new project, image or face for your organization 
  • Media engagement 
  • Fundraising and more…

Publications & Productions

  • Underground Alphabet Railroad
  • I Will Rise
  • Diversity in Education
  • Diversity in Mental Health
  • Break Free from Colonization
  • Your Labels are False, Racist & Sexist
  • I Can’t Breathe: Neutralizing Classrooms and Workplaces 
  • God says Who I Am
  • The Triumphant Overcomer
  • Children and Injustice
  • Racism in the Media
  • She/He’s just Jealous
  • When People Tell Lies
  • God knows the Truth
  • Say NO to Hatred YES to Life
  • A Woman Condemned by Others, Blessed with a Purpose and Loved by God
  • Trusting God
  • Being Happy in the Storm
  • Be Unstoppable
  • Never Stop Believing
  • Never Give Up
What inspires Maxine is her desire to make the world a better place, to use her talents to help others and to be true to her purpose of helping others achieve their best success.


I acknowledge and applaud that CRIMEPROOF is an international, multicultural and inclusive organization with Christian, Muslim, Indigenous, Jewish, Bahai, Buddhist, Jehovah Witness families etc. We express our faith differently, but we all know Jesus lived so when I speak about Jesus, I include all faiths and all spiritual beliefs. 

Question for National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health;
Why BIPOC & LGBTQ2+ Allies Youth Mental Health together?

National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health is committed to people, all humans. We need to come together BIPOC & LBTQ2+ Allies and ALL humans and work together as one unified collaborative group. We are unified in our pain and hopes for a better future. We want all voices to be heard and changes to made. Our mission is to prevent childhood trauma, prevent pain and save lives.

“Let’s imagine and work together towards a world where every human being is given an equal opportunity to Be Physically and Mentally Healthy, given equal opportunities to Learn, Thrive, and Succeed in Education, Work, and Life.”